Attention Boxes

Integrate elegant light boxes to be shown to visitors and urge them to take specific action on your site. The look and functions of these attention boxes are easily configurable.

Side Display

Display new announcements, discounts, offers, contests or anything you want users to know. ‘Win’ attention and drive traffic to more crucial pages of your site.

Fast feedback

Get to know what your visitors think and feel on a specific question. Make them speak out about you! Pre-configure brilliant questions and extract great insights from visitors.

Engage your visitors

Push most interesting info at right time to right visitors. Make them feel personally attended and see the results.

Stop & retain visitors

More than 80% visitors leave your website without buying or giving any contact info. Make them stop by our exit sensing triggers.

Convert visitors to customers

Use various enhancers and analyse how visitors react. Iterate from the control panel to Convert visitors substantially !

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